Women Who Are Killing It: #GirlBoss Style

There’s nothing that gets me more motivated than seeing others succeed. Watching people work hard for what they want, struggle, and yet still end up accomplishing their goals is so inspiring. What I’ve learned over the years, is that finding someone to look up to, a mentor perhaps, can without a doubt help shape the way you grow. With this idea in mind, I wanted to share with you all today who my favorite influencers are and how they’ve impacted my life!

“I think women are scared of feeling powerful and strong and brave sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. It’s not the absence of fear. It’s overcoming it. And sometimes you just have to blast through and have faith”

For me, a role model is someone who is fearless and does things without necessarily letting the views of others effect their next move. They are individuals who choose to enjoy the ride even with some rough spots. A role model doesn’t always have the answers but chooses to listen, ask questions, and learn.

Lori Greiner

If any of you are familiar with the show “Shark Tank“, then I’m sure you know of the ultimate boss lady herself. Lori is an inventor, business woman, and now television personality who not only is determined to lead but carries herself with class and integrity. This girl seems to have it all from her “Queen of QVC” title to her fashion sense and willingness to work. She puts passion into every project she gets herself into and makes everything she does seem so effortless.

Sophia Amoruso

I’ve spoken a little about Sophia in some past blog posts but thought I’d expand on why I love her so much just one more time (sorry not sorry)! The #GirlBoss herself has coined the term and was able to create something amazing out of nothing.

At 23, she started her online Ebay store “Nasty Gal“. But since beginning, things haven’t been easy. If you’ve read her book or have seen the show on Netflix, you know she’s persevered through some pretty tough shit. Nonetheless, she pushed through hardships and turned her small business into a multi-million dollar brand. Despite having the odds against her, she has proven everyone wrong from her past employers, father, and even her cheating ex-boyfriend. I admire the way Sophia overcame these things to make a better life for herself. Such a girl power story!

Aspyn Ovard

Talk about a girl on fire. Aspyn has really made a name for herself in the YouTube community. Since finding her audience, she has branched out from the internet game and has turned herself into a full blown business owner. Her and husband, Parker, are on a serious grind with their freshly launched business Luca and Grae. The online boutique features a mixture of bohemian, modern, and casual clothing all at reasonable price. Aspyn has used her YouTube platform and social media experience as a catapult for her future business endeavors. She has taken what she loves to do and made it her very own. The commitment she has to her work radiates which makes her one of my top favorite idols for this list.

“If you truly pour your heart into what you believe in. Even if it makes you vulnerable. Amazing things can and will happen”

Emma Watson

We all know Emma for her leading roles in movies like Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast. What we sometimes forget about is her loyalty to equal rights. She has become an activist for gender equality as well as a respected feminist. I honor her level of professionalism and praise her for stepping out of her comfort zone to speak about issues that are important to not only her but many others. Emma has created a voice and has used her fame to start vital conversations that some are not brave enough to acknowledge. P.S the quotes on this post are from Emma herself! 

So who’s your biggest influence or role model? Let me know in the comments or on my other socials! Can’t wait to start a conversation with you

Reviewing The Aspyn Ovard Pixi Collection

Holy cow! When I found out Aspyn was coming out with her own line of beauty products in collaboration with Pixi, I was over the moon. If you didn’t know, Aspyn Ovard is a lifestyle YouTuber and Blogger. Not only does she have an amazing main channel full of DIY’s, reviews, style, recipes, and fashion videos. In addition, she also runs a vlog channel with her husband Parker, who together are equally adorable.

Aspyn’s style is neutral toned, flowy, and comfortable. Her makeup choices and outfits definitely coincide with one another and create a united look. I expected her products to be a true representation of just that. At first glance, I wasn’t surprised to find that her choices were light and glowy with subtle colors. They were products I could really see myself using on a daily basis and that alone was super important to me.

In the collection, there are four different products to try. This includes two highlighters, a blush, and a lower lash mascara with a brow gel. All of these tiny gems are perfect in size and easily some of the most basic basic’s a girl could have. I’m a lover for things I can throw on into my purse and head out the door with. If I’m in a rush and need a little pop of product, these are ultimately the ones I’m reaching for.

Eye Accents: Brow Gel & Lower Lash Mascara 

It’s very hard to find a mascara for the lower lashes without it being too clumpy or thick. This mascara couldn’t be farther from that. This product was smooth and creamy which ultimately made it easy to apply. I didn’t have to alter the application by re-applying and trying to remove clumps, there were none!

As far as the brow gel goes, there’s not much to say. It was similar to others I’ve tried in the past but I could feel a little difference in the hold. It lasted the entire day and kept my brows in perfect shape. Not too much to explain about this product besides the fact it served its purpose. Travel size, was one of the main features I thought set this gel apart from some of its competitors.

Glow-y Powder: Santorini Sunset 

I pictured this highlighter, despite Aspyns beauty preferences, to be a little over powering. It looked very bright in the package and maybe too glowy for my skin tone. Fortunately, I was wrong. This powder is muted in color and allows you to apply as little or as much as you’d like. At times, I’ve found certain highlighters can be too bright, making a person look shinier than need be. With that said, I’m a huge fan of a natural looking face and dislike drawing too much attention to one area. That’s why this product is so good! The shade is great, the application lasts many hours, and I’m able to use this on a daily basis.

Glow-y Powder: Rome Rose

This was the last product in the line I tried and again there’s mostly just good things to say about it. The blush styled glow powder has a slight bright undertone that allows it to turn from one product into another. I’d say this item does a great job of combining two things every girl loves: a rosy cheek and a flawless highlight. I’m sure this combination was intentional, given the name “glow-y powder” but using it for the first time, was so unexpected!

The final item in Aspyns collection I wasn’t able to get my hands on! They were completely sold out at my nearest Target. In conclusion though, I just want to say how collectively amazing this line is. I can most definitely see myself using these products daily for events or for those mornings when I just want to keep it easy. 

Let me know in the comments below or through my social media platforms if you have or are planning to try any of these! I’d love to hear your expert opinion and feedback! As always, those links are located on the homepage as well as down below.

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Create Your Own Work Space

I’ve been holding off getting my own desk and office space for the longest time. It never felt necessary to me. What’s the point of sitting at a desk? Why can’t I just work from the couch? Let me tell you, I was missing out. Big time. While getting work done in a comfortable area is a must, it’s not everything. Before starting this project, I found slouching around on the sofa made me more unproductive. Because of this, I had slacked off on deadlines and activities I needed to get done, it just became so easy to get distracted! I wanted to make a change. So, I decided to create my very own work space.

In this post, I want to highlight some of the things I find helpful to have in an office as well as how I designed my own area. Everything I’ve put together was built on purpose, functionality, and getting myself motivated! I hope you find this helpful when creating your own little headquarters!

The Desk

Let’s start with a basic foundation, the desk. I would recommend visiting Pinterest or your favorite department store’s website first to find out what style desk you think will work for you. In the beginning of my search, I found quite a few furniture pieces I loved, but couldn’t purchase because they were too expensive! To solve this, I headed to IKEA. When I got there I found that the desk selections were large. There were so many to choose from all with similar characteristics of others I had seen online for $400+. There was virtually no difference in the way the pieces looked. I expected the materials were not going to be the best quality, but as a blogger, I knew I wouldn’t be beating the thing around.

Ultimately, I chose a clean look and went for a white desk with a spacious layout. I didn’t need too much storage for my things. The main tool I use at my desk is my laptop, which doesn’t take up much room.

I skipped out on purchasing a design with drawers. I figured if I needed more room I could buy separate pieces in the future! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a nice look friends! Try to stay as frugal as possible throughout a process like this.

Frames With Photos

I thought by creating my own space, I’d get lonely. It might sound silly but keeping photos of your loved ones at your side can make a huge impact on your productivity. I picked up some small gold frames from T.J. Maxx and stuck a few polaroid sized photos of my fiancé and dog in them. It goes with the overall theme of my area and in a weird way keeps me company! 

Another way you can keep yourself on track is swapping out photos for inspirational quotes. This will keep you working hard when you need a reason to keep going. I’ve used this same tactic in the past with my cell phone and desktop wallpapers, it helps me stay in the zone!

Plants are a great way for you to stay accountable. Before picking up my own, I never understood this. Think of it this way, when you’re responsible for something you try to take care of it right? By keeping a couple of plants by your window in your office or setting one next to your computer, you’re obligated to water the plant and take care of it each day. This tip is not only effective, it’s also just nice to see some greenery while you work!

The plants I picked up were fairly inexpensive. I got seven small succulents for under twenty dollars at IKEA and the pots were all under a dollar.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan out your days. It not only helps you stay organized, it also is a stress reliever. My planner is a tool I use to track down when my bills are due or when I need to be somewhere. I’ve recently tried to mix up my agenda layout by adding fun stickers, using colorful pens, and washy tape. You’ll always find this item at my desk.

A Clock

Another silly item that you might think wouldn’t come in handy. But, it does. I find having a clock at my desk keeps my attention on my work and away from my phone. I always find myself checking the time on my cell and then wandering off into another area like Instagram, Pinterest, you get what I mean. I purchased a super chic and inexpensive, white, plastic clock and placed it at the corner of my desk. Now, I’m able to easily look over and see the time without having to involve more electronics than need be. I’m already on my phone enough, I don’t need to be on it when I’m trying to be productive.

Desk Calendar

I didn’t realize how great these things were until I got one for my own work space. Aside from my planner, my desk calendar works as a larger visual to map out my days, weeks, and months. It’s obviously a lot larger and is just one more place I can store much-needed important information. I’d highly recommend scooping one of these up and copying your schedule down. Add to your desk calendar by using color coded post it notes on dates of extra importance like you would in your regular planner. Again, this is really just an oversized version of it anyways.

Now that you have all these little tips, it’s time to make your own creative space. Not everything I mentioned will work for you but try them and see what you like and what you don’t. Make a work space worth working in and don’t be afraid to make it your own. I hope these things gave you the small inspiration you needed to kick-start your way towards a more productive lifestyle. If you’d like to find more of these tips + tricks be sure to check out my social links below and tag me in your photos!

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