5 Instagram Themes + How To Create Them 

Goodmorning or good afternoon, depending on when you’re reading this! I hope all of your days are going well! In this blog post, I wanted to feature five different Instagram looks perfect for building a cohesive feed! I tend to switch up the way I edit every few weeks to keep things exciting and new. To me, continuously keeping my photos the same gets boring so I love to try new filters and trends often.

To make this post easy to follow and understand, make sure you download the VSCO Cam app. Get yourself familiar with the features and different filters. This guide is also tailored for those who can navigate well around the Instagram app itself. There are tools specifically located in the Insta app that we’ll need for later. Take a look and mess around, everything can be deleted and retried if need be. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to get started!

Theme #1: Bright and Colorful

This is one of my absolute favorite themes I’ve created since beginning Instagram. It’s fun and virtually anyone can create this no matter what you’re taking photos of. It works the best with shots taken of skies, greenery, or brightly colored food.

Here’s the combination it takes to achieve this look-

In VSCO Cam select filter C1. Save this photo to your camera roll and transfer it into the Instagram app. From there, go into the “Edit” options to adjust the features.

Brightness +30, Structure +5, Shadows -10, Sharpen +10.

Theme #2: Structured and Shadowy

My second theme idea looks very high detailed and thought out. It gives the illusion you’re putting more effort into your feed than you really are. I like to use these selections when taking photos in the city or of architecture. It let’s everything pop in a subtle sort of way.

Here’s the combination it takes to achieve this look-

In VSCO Cam select filter A6. Save this photo to your camera roll and transfer it into the Instagram app. From there, go into the “Edit” options to adjust the features.

Structure +40, Highlights +39, Shadows -28, Sharpen +10.

Theme #3: Warm and Sharp

This theme is super simple to acheive because the filter we’re going to use gives a warm tone to any photo. From there, we’re able to brighten the lighter features and make everything come together as one. This style gives me total 70’s vibes and I’m digging it. Try throwing this filter on when the sun is out to counter-act the harsh tones.

Here’s the combination it takes to achieve this look-

In VSCO Cam select filter A4. Save this photo to your camera roll and transfer it into the Instagram app. From there, go into the “Edit” options to adjust the features.

Brightness +25, Structure +50, Saturation -20, Shadows -10, Sharpen +5.

Theme #4: Light Toned and Built

I feel really cool and collected when I use this editing style. I’d say this was typically the look I went for when I first started Instagram. Just very natural and colorless. The saturation is very dull in this option which makes for a perfect contrast when laid upon items flourishing in detail. It brings more attention to the object you’re taking a photo of rather than all of the added editing tools. This look is easy to accomplish and great for beginners.

Here’s the combination it takes to achieve this look-

In VSCO Cam select filter A6 (adjust the intensity level to +6). Save this photo to your camera roll and transfer it into the Instagram app. From there, go into the “Edit” options to adjust the features.

Brightness +50, Structure +60, Saturation -30.

Theme #5: Dark & Intense 

This theme is similar to the first one we talked about but has darker features. This feed will make your colors pop, your whites bright, and your darks even darker. This is another universal editing style that can be used on photos of anything really.


Here’s the combination it takes to achieve this look-

In VSCO Cam select filter G3. Save this photo to your camera roll and transfer it into the Instagram app. From there, go into the “Edit” options to adjust the features.

Brightness +20, Structure +10, Saturation -20, Contrast +30, adjust the shadows and highlights accordingly so that your whites are popping and very bright.

How To Start Your Day Right

Waking up every morning with a purpose and a plan is always my goal. Making sure I’m mindful of certain things definitely lets me have a better or more productive day. So in this blog post, I wanted to share with you all how I start my day the right way from start to finish and everything in between. Let’s get started!

Wake Up And Stay Awake

It’s amazing how big a difference I’ve seen in my energy levels when I wake up and stay up. Hitting the snooze button is not the best for your mood. Most of the time, it will leave you feeling less enthusiastic and energetic than if you were to have just gotten up as planned. Fight the alarm!


Something I find comfort doing in the morning is taking a few moments for myself. Lately, that has consisted of Pinterest boards and kitty cuddles. Another idea is to enjoy a morning watching the sunrise. Try to find inspiration and motivation to continue your day with a smile. Just relax.

Have Your Morning Beverage 

Whether this is coffee, tea, juice, water or whatever make sure you get that little taste of happiness in the A.M. I’m either trying to beat a headache or dragging my feet in the morning without my coffee. It’s something I can’t start my morning without. I’ve gotten so used to this daily activity that I’m lost without a good cup of joe.

Eat Breakfast 

Going along with morning drinks, get a meal in! Breakfast is, after all, the most important meal of the day. You’re gaining so much-needed nutrients that will boost your mood and appetite. Those who don’t make time for their morning munchies will pay for it later! Beat the hunger and eat your regular meals.

Hygiene Matters

This is totally self-explanatory but I felt I should include this little blurb to remind everyone! Hygiene matters! Take the extra time to enjoy a long hot shower or bath when you get up. Pamper yourself a bit. I always feel super squeaky clean when I go the extra mile to make myself feel physically and mentally good in the morning!

Prepare Your Outfit The Night Before

Allowing yourself the opportunity to do a fresh load of laundry the night before, pick out your outfit, and plan what you’re going to wear each day is more helpful than you’d think. I’m positive we’ve all been there..wearing a pair of pants more than once? I for one, am totally guilty. But on the real, a clean pair of jeans can do wonders for your confidence so wash your clothes and feel the difference.

Give Yourself Time 

Time management. Two words that can make or break your day. Like I’ve stated above, remaining conscious of where your day is going and what you have planned is absolutely 110% so important. One way I love to do this is my keeping a planner or calendar handy. I’m able to write down what I’ve got going on that day and can effectively plan accordingly. Try doing this in the morning while eating breakfast. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Play Some Music

It’s impossible for me to get ready in the morning without the help of some tunes. Grab your phone, portable speaker, or laptop and crank it up. With the help of my new Amazon Dot, I’ve been able to connect my favorite Spotify playlists and shuffle through them hands free. It’s been super fun creating collections of songs I know I’ll love waking up to the next day! A big mood booster for sure.

Do Something You Love

Each day you wake up, allow yourself to do at least one thing you love. That could be the Starbucks you like to splurge on, walking your dog, or taking the time to read a chapter from your favorite book. Whatever your chosen activity may be, remind yourself that you are worthy of the option you chose. It’s okay to do the things you want to do and love to do. Don’t get so caught up in your early morning hours and forget about what makes you happy.

How I Keep My House Clean

I love to clean but sometimes it can be overwhelming when things get out-of-place all too often. If you let your space go for too long or ignore areas of concern, things can no doubt build up!  Cleanliness and tidying up every once in a while can help keep your personal areas under control and in addition, lower your stress levels. In this blog post, I wanted to explain the different ways I’ve been able to keep my home organized, de-cluttered, and dirt free with the help of some simple daily tasks + tips!

Tip #1: Put Your Stuff Away After Your Done

The easiest tip I could give you is to simply put your things away after you’re finished. As children we had always been asked to clean up after ourselves when we were done playing or eating, anything really. So, why have many adults forgotten this unspoken rule of thumb? Put away your unwanted items immediately after you’re done with them to avoid leaving them somewhere later or forgetting!

Tip #2: Find A Place For Everything

I never thought organization was important until I genuinely moved into a house. The last couple months have been a struggle unpacking boxes and figuring out where everything belongs. I had been going back and forth for a while debating on what types of organizational items I thought would be best for what I had.

At first, I tried big plastic bins from Wal-Mart that ended up being a huge fail due to uneasy access. I then tried some cute wicker baskets, which worked for a bit until the things inside them got destroyed (unfortunately my pooches love to chew on these). Ultimately, I found a ton of minimalist styled, pull out drawer, storage units at IKEA for less than what I was paying at other big box stores. They were medium in size and could fit lot’s of items in them. After purchasing these, I realized the beauty of pull out drawers and that’s pretty much all I’ve used to organize since. It was a huge relief to find something that could finally work!

Whichever organizational route you decide to go, make sure it’s something you will sincerely use. Creating a place for everything doesn’t always mean having the best and newest pieces of de-clutter equipment. If you can’t afford to purchase new structures, get creative. Start working with what you have and clearing spaces you don’t use to make room for items that may need placing.

Tip #3: Rely On Strong Cleaning Products

I don’t consider anything actually clean until I’ve wiped it down. Assure your spaces are staying the way you want them by frequently getting in the deep areas.

About 3 times a week, I’ll walk around my home with a rag and a Lysol wipe just to make sure nothing gets too messy looking. Using rip-off wipes makes the tidying up even easier. They’re small and disposable which keeps the clean up process simple.

Another great product I like to use is the comet powder cleaner. I use bleach when rooms need some extra TLC but the smell is just too much for me to handle. That’s why I always gravitate towards using Comet instead. Comet still contains bleach but doesn’t carry the harsh odor other cleaners might have. It’s also nice that the cleaner is colored and gets slightly bubbly during scrubbing. The blue color makes me aware of what areas I’m cleaning and which ones I’m not. The bulk of this product is used in my bathroom and kitchen making for not one, but two squeaky clean spaces!

Tip #4: Play Music

If I’m working around the house there’s a 100% chance that I’ve got my music on full blast. Hearing something going in the background while I clean really boosts up my motivation. The best way to do this is by making a “cleaning” playlist to help get you through. Listening to your favorite jams gets good vibes going and will always make the time go by faster.

Tip #5: Light Candles And Use Air Freshener

After I’m finished with my tasks I’ll typically bask in the glory by lighting a candle or spraying some air freshener. There’s no serious purpose to doing this except for the smell. It’s like putting the cherry on top of your sundae! Your room, apartment, or home will smell great and inviting for guests!