Easy Banana Oatmeal Recipe – Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast tends to be something I neglect. I’d say 90% of mornings I’m grabbing a fruit or carb to go (very low in calories & protein or extremely high). Something simple, fast, and not necessarily nutritious. But lately I’ve been trying to address that.

It hasn’t been easy but I’m finding new ways to start my morning on the right foot. Beginning with what I put in my body after crawling out of bed. Let’s be real, it’s a struggle.

Everyday is a fresh start

Today, I wanted to share the easiest banana oatmeal recipe I’ve been eating on the daily. It fits all the needs I’ve been searching for in a breakfast and keeps me full until my next meal. It’s cheap, tasty, and best of all quick to prepare. Read below to get the full recipe!

Things We Need

Rolled Oats – I recommend Quaker 1 Minute

1 Banana


Milk of choice

Almond Butter

Start with your favorite blend of rolled oats. I like a thicker and more crunchy oatmeal so the kind I chose is a little on the larger side. Add 1/2 cup to a cup of oats into a microwave safe bowl.

Carefully pour your choice of milk into the bowl until the liquid is barely covering the top of the oats. Less is more so feel free to start with less liquid and add later if you need.

Cut your banana in half and begin mashing one half into the oatmeal mixture. This will make sure our breakfast has a strong banana flavor.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Stir mixture and return to microwave to heat for another 1 minute.

Add in cinnamon as desired and almond butter for taste.

Take the rest of the banana we saved from earlier and slice that on top of the prepared oatmeal.

Enjoy your delicious breakfast!

Super Foods That Taste Good! 

But let’s be real, it’s hard to be healthy. Am I right ladies?! A good chunk of my nutrients are consumed through liquid (that feels so weird to type lol). What I mean, is that you’ve heard me talk about smoothie bowls before. Now, I’m expanding on the power ingredients that go into those! In addition, I’ll touch on some other yummy snacks you can create with these ingredients!

I was recently at TjMaxx and found a handful of products I had never heard of! I decided to pick up a few and taste test + expand my knowledge a bit. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my experiences with these yummy, healthy, obsessions. They have really transformed my meal prep forever! Let’s get into it!

“I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body”

Matcha Powder

This product is more than just a fine powder made of tea leaves. It’s an anti-aging, detoxifying, mood boosting power house! I always make sure to add at least a teaspoon of this stuff to my smoothies in the morning because it helps aid my health in the right direction!

Keep in mind guys, I’m definitely not referring to the matcha that goes into the green tea latte at Starbucks. Word of advice on that, proceed with caution. Although the drink is thirst quenching, the matcha Starbucks uses is filled with sugar. Stay clear of a matcha with too sugary of a base. In moderation it’s okay but an everyday pick up will only give us unwanted results.

Cacao Nibs 

Mmmm…I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing wrong with a little chocolate. Substitute milk chocolate shreds with cacao nibs! This treat consists of cacao beans that have been roasted, removed from their outer skins, and broken into bite sized pieces. Not only is this great for smoothie mixtures, it’s also amazing on some vanilla yogurt! This ingredient is full of antioxidants, potassium, and protein which makes it one of my favorite super foods!

Goji Berries

Again, another great ingredient stuffed with antioxidants. Goji berries have many benefits from improving your immune system to healthy skin, protecting your eye health, and stabilizing your blood sugar! I recommend letting these soak a bit in a blended acai bowl. At times, the berries can get hard and become too hard to eat. No one likes hard berries!

Chia Seeds

Mmmm I love putting a scoop of chia seeds into my oatmeal with some chopped strawberries and honey! This food also pairs well with coconut milk, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon! Mix it all together and what do you get? Chia pudding!

Chia seeds carry lots of good things your body needs to function like calcium, iron, and fiber. They also carry something called omega 3 fatty acids. This ingredient helps raise HDL cholesterol, which plays a key role in protecting your body against heart attacks and strokes! So crazy how these tiny specs can serve a much larger purpose!

“Make yourself a priority”

The list goes on for benefits on these super foods. Whether you’re choosing to add them for flavor or simply for a health enhancement, there are good reasons to keep them in your kitchen! As a busy body, I try to incorporate a few of these into my daily routine. They can be life-changing beneficial! Are there any super foods I missed? What’s your favorite? I want to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on my other social platforms! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and start a conversation. Can’t wait to connect with you all!

What Drinking More Water Did To Me

So the last couple weeks I’ve done somewhat of an experiment. Let me explain. I work a full-time job outside of blogging and Instagram. To give a little insight, it’s a job where I’m mostly on my feet all day, speaking constantly, and has very long hours. I don’t mind it though. It pays the bills and keeps me occupied. Anyways, lately I’ve been noticing such a drag in my energy and mood. The past weeks have been rough meaning I wake up late, have no motivation, and can barely work through my shifts. It’s exhausting really.

I knew there had to be a better way. There had to be something I could do differently. That’s when this idea came to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t ever drink water. I did, a lot of it. I just didn’t drink it consistently. I would drink water on the contingency of three scenarios. The first, if I was thirsty (obviously). The second, when I had a pounding headache. The third, during work outs or when I was at work wandering around. It wasn’t a regular human water schedule. You get me?

To prep you for what is to come, I’ll tell you the new way I began doing things. My goal from the beginning of this experiment was to drink at least, four bottles a day. If I drank more…great! But the goal was four. The schedule was a bottle with coffee in the morning, a bottle at lunch, a bottle after lunch, and one for dinner or the gym.

The beginning strides were easy. I even started drinking more than my original goal. I found myself refilling frequently. It never felt forced to drink more, which was a good thing!

After the first week, I already started seeing results. I felt more upbeat and refreshed. The water, in a way, gave me encouragement to work out more too. My skin was clearing up and stopped being so dry. I was impressed with what I had seen thus far and ultimately couldn’t wait to see what drinking more water each day could do.

The next goal was six to eight bottles a day. I know right?! Sounds like a ton but after a whole week of feeling like a camel, I truly didn’t mind the challenge. At this point, the results got even better.

Not only did my skin clear up completely, I also started to see a small weight loss! Of course, this was mixed with some physical activity. Even so, I think the water had a part in speeding the process up. Speaking of weight loss, the water I was drinking started curving my appetite. I stopped being hungry all the time and found eating normal meals at normal times made me full enough. That’s something I haven’t felt in a long time!

Overall, I’m now on week three of drinking water non-stop. It’s insane how great I feel. I’m keeping up with my workouts and staying active on a daily basis. Pretty much all thanks to my new found addiction. Doesn’t that sound silly? Addicted to water? Regardless, I hope this post helped you in some way and if you end up trying your own challenge please let me know how it works out! Also, don’t hesitate to share your own feel good! I’d love to try them!