Florida Travel Diary

Summer is at its end and I’m realizing now that I never talked about my trip to Fort Lauderdale back in July! I was there for two weeks with the hubs exploring the area, eating good food, and making new memories. If you didn’t already know this, my husband is deployed. So these special few days were long-awaited to say the least.

Our stay began at the Hilton Marina in the center of Fort Lauderdale, FL. We booked a room with intercostal views because…what’s better to wake up to than the ocean right? The heat was incredibly strong the first day we arrived and that definitely continued throughout our stay. Humid, humid, humid is all I have to say about that. And despite baking anywhere we went during the day hours, nights were comfortable.

Moving on from the weather, I wanted to touch on some of the things we did and what I’d recommend if any of you plan on visiting! I’ve got to admit, this vacation was very different compared to our Orlando vacay back in January. I’d say this area is geared towards an adult crowd and may not be suitable for younger ages. The focus was mainly on bars, beaches, and the night life. But hey, I’m not complaining. We had a blast!

The Views

Fort Lauderdale Beach

If you’re looking for some relaxation try visiting the beach on a week day. We beat the crowds by going early morning before the shop areas opened. It was quiet and not crowded at all, such a great place to unwind.

Charter Boat Adventure

Fishing really isn’t my thing but it is my husbands. I was dragged escorted onto a charter boat where we were supplied poles, reels, and bait. With the help of the boat crew, we tried our best to catch some giants (when I say “we” I mainly mean the hubby). Our boat was an afternoon departure and that morning it rained pretty heavily. I think due to that, the water was super choppy and we both ended up getting seasick. Although we got nauseous, this was something I’ve always wanted to check off my bucket list!

Water Taxi

I’d say this is probably one of the smartest things we chose to do during our seven days. The water taxi was $25 a person and transported you to different destinations across the water way. You could travel to a ton of areas without spending money on taxi’s, rental cars, or Uber’s. We were able to stay mobile all day and really took advantage of our surroundings.

Mansion Tour

Taking just a peek into these home owner’s lives was crazy. Multi-million dollar homes is just the norm down there. It was interesting looking at the architecture each mansion had. So much detail! The tour guides did a perfect job of telling stories and making us laugh. 10/10 would recommend.

Las Olas Boulevard

Iguanas were everywhere in this area! But in addition to the bit of wild life we saw, the streets were filled with eating options and small shops. The sidewalks have lots of shade too which makes walking around that much easier.

Small Motorized Vehicles

One of our last days we decided to pick up a small 3-wheeled scoot coupe. The thing only went about 35 miles per hour and was a total death trap, but boy was it fun to whip around. I think for 24 hours we coughed up $130 bucks. Not bad for the fun we managed to have with it!

The Eats


Calamari and tuna mini tacos were delicious appetizers. I also enjoyed a blackberry mojito mocktail that was equally as great as my food.

Big City Tavern

Traditional tavern food with a twist. I had a massive shrimp salad and frozen rose for my beverage. Yum!

Quarterdeck (chain)

I wasn’t impressed with their calamari as it was very fried and over cooked. They did have a sushi special going on though which was average. Unfortunately, this placed did not “WOW” me.


I ordered some type of Asian salad and to my surprise cubed tuna was served on top with a little bit of sai salad. The flavors went well together and I was impressed with how courteous our waitress was! My drink of choice was again, a blackberry mojito but this time featured alcohol (I was not disappointed). We splurged this day and got desert after our meals which consisted of a decadent coconut cheesecake. Smooth, creamy, and tropical!

Bubba Gump (chain)

Shrimp that’s about it. Lol. This was actually my first time visiting the chain restaurant. Nothing special and the service was ehhh.

15th Street Fisheries

We were stoked that this restaurant was a stop we could get off at on the water taxi. I ordered calamari per usual and my husband got a large lobster roll. It ended up being the biggest one we purchased all week. Tasted fresh, people were kind, and you couldn’t beat the view.

Southport Raw Bar

If you like oysters, I’ve found your place. The menu is kept minimal but all the sea food is fresh!

Warsaw Coffee Company

The aesthetic of this spot is me in a nutshell. The menu is packed with employee creations and customer favorites. Avocado toast, options for vegans, acai bowls and coffee that was flavorful. Cute place!

I’d say the rest of our visit was spent relaxing and just spending some much-needed, quality time, with one another – something we haven’t been able to do in what seems like forever. Thankfully, this chapter in our lives only has about 6 months left. Which means, soon my better half will be home for good. Can’t wait!