Google Home Mini Event Chicago

Believe it or not, I’m not a hardcore tech person. I don’t stay up to date on the newest drones, headphones, or laptops and I know that probably sounds terrible coming from a blogger. Truly though, the only tech related item I tend to keep up with is my iPhone (if that even counts). So, when the new Google home mini came out I didn’t think much of it until I was able to try the product for myself.

This tiny gadget can set reminders and timers. It can dim the lights in my living room, check a flight status, and even remembers my most loved Starbucks order. It’s seriously like my personal assistant. If you guys haven’t checked out the new Google home mini I highly recommend you do!

Back to what this post is really about, I visited the pop-up Donut shop Google held in Chicago last weekend! This event featured a “menu” guests ordered off of in an effort to retrieve their “prize”. The prize being either two Stan’s donuts or a Google home mini! Read below to see what my mom and I won!

I ended up winning two Stan’s donuts! Can’t go wrong with the best breakfast food ever right?! I loved seeing the comparison between both the mini and these little treats. So much power in something so small! Go get yourself one and tell me how you like it!


First Look: Hearth + Hand With Magnolia At Target

The holidays are coming people whether you’re ready or not. And I don’t know about you but…I’m ready! From what I can remember, I’ve never been this excited for the Christmas season as I am in 2017. I think it’s a mixture of the unavoidable festive home decor and the fact that I’m counting down the days until my husband comes home in January! Either way, I’m embracing it and decorating from the floor to the ceiling!

With all of this holiday talk you’d assume there’d be a point to this post. Well, there is! If you’re familiar with Joanna & Chip Gaines then you’d know they’ve been teasing a collaboration exclusively for Target. Today, November 5th 2017, the collection launched online and in stores!

The couple is well-known for their hit HGTV show Fixer Upper. To give you an idea, the program follows the husband and wife through a complete renovation of someone’s new home. Throughout the demo and decorating process, viewers get to know the Gaines family very well! Both Joanna and Chip are authors, parents, and overall great people from what the television show depicts! They seem to truly know the science behind creating and creating things well.

The first batch of home goods have made their appearance. Here’s a little peek into what’s available as well as some of my favorites!

Those plaid stockings in traditional green, white, and greys would look awesome hung above your fireplace this season.

I heard some comments in my local Target that a lot of the pieces featured in this collection were specific to someone with a “rustic” taste. I couldn’t disagree more with that! I think Joanna and Chip did an excellent job of making these products interchangeable with anyones style of decorating. The whites and blacks, silvers and copper tones can easily fit into any living space.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the Gaines definitely kept this batch of items simple. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Check out this scale for the kitchen. Perfect for preparing home-made cookies!

This wreath for your door will bring in all the holiday cheer! For only $19.99 you can spruce up the outside of your home just in time for guests or style the piece indoors hung above lots of family photos!

The last thing I wanted to touch on was the wide variety of gifts available from Hearth & Hand. Messenger bags, water bottles, wallets, luggage tags, a doll house, christmas pajamas, and so much more. There’s gotta be something for that special someone on your list this year.

Are you sold yet?! Have you fallen in love with this brand?! Let me know your thoughts on this Target collab down below. I definitely want to hear if you feel the same as I do!


Halloweekend Favorites

Lately, it seems like some things are just sweeter than usual. And I can’t necessarily pin it on the colder weather or the fact that we’re only days away from Halloween. Soon, it’ll be November! Just such a crazy thought to think about. Seems like yesterday it was still in the 80’s and now Chicagoland is barely holding onto 60 degrees. Today, it even snowed a bit. Granted for a short period of time, but still!

Because Fall is barely hanging on a thread (at least for me) I gathered up my last bits of Fall before the time was up. Here are just a few of my favs. What’s been your perfect thing, food, or place recently? Leave a comment at the end of this post and let me know!

@realgoodjuiceco company has come to a Whole Foods near me and I can say with confidence…thank the lord! After having their “Fruity Pebbowl” in the Gold Coast of Chicago, it’s all I’ve been craving. A couple of days back I grabbed this new creation made with acai, almond milk, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, cacao nibs, granola, coconut flakes, and bee pollen (which if you’ve never tried, is fluffy and melts in your mouth). It’s called the “Michael Bowlton”. Did I mention the menu is completely sarcastic and punny?! If you’re like me, you’ll giggle no matter what you order.

@realgoodjuiceco has multiple locations throughout the city so be sure if you live near the Chi to check them out! They’ve got lots of options for everyone’s taste.

Dunkin Donuts came out with a new line of Halloween themed pastries that have stolen my heart. I can’t stray away from my beloved strawberry sprinkle so DD found a way to bring the spooky to a donut called the “scary sprinkle”. Cute huh?!

I snapped this pic while stuck in traffic. The color changing leaves matched my aesthetic perfectly. How could I not capture something?

I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the new Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino. It seriously does taste like a caramel apple in a cup. I don’t typically go for whipped cream on my drinks so I didn’t taste test that but the rest of what I sipped was delicious!

Oh and FYI, I wouldn’t recommend ordering this in anything but a tall. It’s very sweet and a tad on the sugary side! Might just be my personal preference though!

Last but not least on this list is my Google Home Mini. I hate to say it but I’ve fallen more in love with this little guy over my Amazon Echo Dot. It’s got a much louder speaker, performs so many different functions, and best of all seamlessly hooks up to my Philips Hue system. Everything is connected and everything is easy! I’m still not sure how I lived without this for SO long!

Oh, and before I wrap up this post, how many of you are binging Stranger Things 2 right now?! I just finished today! If you’ve kept up with the show, what have been your opinions? Good, bad, in between? I thought this season had a LOT more action than the last. Definitely impressed and can’t wait to see what happens in the next installment!

Happy Sunday funday!