Fresh Food Delivered?! 

If you didn’t already know, Freshly creates pre-made, fresh, chef prepared meals that are delivered straight to your doorsteps. The brand was kind enough to send me four meals to test out on my own and review if I so choose. I just finished the last one tonight and I’m ready to give you all my feedback!

Before I start I’d like to announce I’m a giant lean cuisine fan. I mean huge. I love how easy it is to pop one in the microwave and be done with dinner or lunch. It’s quick, tastes good, and I feel like I’m still staying a little healthy. It’s tough to say but my new alternative, Freshly, has taken this concept and turned it upside down.

The food made is packed with protein and filled with vital nutrients for your diet. The meals are larger and never frozen. Everything even has expiration dates that coincide with how long the meat and ingredients can stay good for! That’s exactly how fresh they actually are! The choices to choose from are super delicious too with meals perfect for anyone.

I’m sure I’ve rambled enough but I’d like review each meal for you today and give you some more insight on this amazing company! Let’s get started!

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”

Southwest Veggie Bowl

This was a meal I wasn’t expecting to enjoy. I chose it so I had a reason to move out of my comfort zone. I didn’t want to stick with what I knew or the experience wouldn’t be accurate or fun! I found that the vegetables tasted flavorful and the spices really bumped up the dish. I did think the serving size was a bit large though! I definitely couldn’t finish all of this and had to put the rest in the fridge for later. If you grab the Southwest Veggie Bowl, know that this can feed two people with no problem!

Roasted Turkey 

Another great dish I just couldn’t get enough of! This one most likely racked in second place because I got such Thanksgiving vibes from it. The gravy that coated the turkey complimented the meat well and tied everything together nicely. The green beans were prepared casserole style and instead of a heavy stuffing, the dish came with a quinoa based mash. This was a healthy alternative to what would’ve been a very heavy dinner.

Peach Balsamic Pork Chop 

As soon as I removed this from my microwave, the house was filled with an aroma of deliciousness. The peach wasn’t overpowering and created a smooth glaze over the pork. Previous pork chop meals I’ve eaten had been extremely chewy, to the point where I couldn’t even finish it! This option was easy to cut into and effortless to eat. Loved this!

Soy-Ginger Chicken With Fried Rice  

This was probably my favorite out of all the meals I ate! The chicken was very moist, the rice was light, and the vegetables weren’t soggy like I would expect them to have been. I was impressed with the charred marks on the chicken too! It reminded me that the food I was eating was prepared by hand, in a kitchen, with a real chef! So good!

Have any of you ever tried a food subscription service? Let me know in the comments below or on my other social platforms! I’d love to hear about your experiences! Out of the four I spoke about, which Freshly meal was your fav?

Cook With Me: Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Hi all!

As of late, I’ve been trying to cook more in the kitchen! Creating my own meals and experimenting with ingredients has become a ton of fun. I’m really enjoying learning what works, what doesn’t, and what I like to make.

This recent interest in the foodie world, has sparked some curiosity on Pinterest and I’ve been scoping out recipes like crazy. One of the most delicious I came across were sweet and sour meatballs! I’m a fan of tangy tastes and a salty but sweet flavor. This appetizer sounded right up my alley! I scrolled through my options and finally came across a simple recipe I thought I could manage.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the recipe I used along with some minor tweaks I’ve made along the way. If you’re into this type of blog post, let me know! I’d be willing to share more of my cooking adventures with you all in the future! In addition, if you’re looking for more of my go-to recipes, be sure to check out my Pinterest!

Things We Need 

1 Egg

1 pound ground beef

1/4 cup bread crumbs

1 onion diced or minced whichever you prefer

1 cup brown sugar

3 tbsp flour

1 1/2 cup water

1/4 cup distilled white vinegar

3 tbsp soy sauce

1 minced green pepper


  1. Start by mixing together ground beef, egg, onion, green pepper and bread crumbs in a medium bowl. Use clean hands to thoroughly combine ingredients.
  2. Once mixture has been worked together, shape into small bite sized balls. Refrigerate meat forms for 20 minutes.
  3. In a large sauce pan, combine the brown sugar, flour, vinegar, water, and soy sauce. Fully mix the glaze until all ingredients are molded into one.
  4. Add refrigerated meatballs into pan and bring to boil. Depending on how large your pan is, be sure not to stick too many in. Bring to a boil and simmer for at least 30 minutes or until done. Make certain to stir frequently and add more water if needed.
  5. Plate these little guys with some white rice or cooked vegetables. They’re the perfect dish to share with friends!