The Best Moisturizer For Winter

Cold winter mornings are the best and also the worst. I swear, this Chicago weather has made my skin do a complete 180. With temperatures in the twenties and on some days single digits, it’s no surprise my poor face is as dry as it is.

new winter moisturizer aloette beauty products for the new year

I’ve been searching for a good scrub or skin care product to help with this but nothing I’ve tested has done the job well enough…until now! I recently got the chance to try out a moisturizer from Aloette (aka a brand I’ve been entirely obsessed with) that seems to be restoring my skin back to normal. Their mud face mask, setting spray, and mascara have rocked my world so it was only about time I tried their maximum moisture complex product. Yay for hydration!

Favorite Things

It’s anti-aging and helps fight premature wrinkles or fine lines.

A couple of the main ingredients include aloe vera and shea butter to make for a silky smooth blank face canvas.

The consistency is more of a cream and thicker than many other moisturizer’s I’ve tried. You can actually feel product soaking into the skin.

new winter moisturizer aloette beauty products for the new year

I typically apply this once in the morning before applying my makeup and once in the evening during my bed-time routine. After the last week or so, I can already see a true difference in the way my skin looks and feels. Once this jar runs out, you bet I’ll be buying another! Do you have a favorite moisturizer or beauty product I should know about? Leave a comment down below letting me know what I should try next!


Winter Outfit Idea + Thanksgiving OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope all of you enjoy your day with family, friends, and amazing food! What are your plans for this afternoon?! Gobble till you wobble I’m sure! Keep reading to find out what I chose to wear this holiday + more!

I’m constantly on the move whether it’s traveling, exploring, or running routine errands – I always like to feel put together. Feeling good about yourself (at least for me) comes from being confident and that confidence stems from a rocking outfit. When I wake up in the morning and spend extra time getting ready, I feel great!

Here’s one of my newest go-to’s for the winter time! This top from Modern Lizzy Co. is functional and provides comfort no matter what my day looks like! It comes in cream and black, is incredibly soft, and long enough to just throw on a pair of leggings with! Love this Thanksgiving outfit!

Modern Lizzy Co. also has a large variety of other cozy pieces to choose from on their site. Click the photos below to shop the collections and be sure to use my code Natalie15 for 15% off all purchases!

cozy sweater for winter fashion style cream color

cozy sweater for winter fashion style cream color

Jewelry deets include a set from Cracker Barrel and key rings from JoJo Rings. Warm tones and golds are ideal for a day like this one!

There are so many ways to dress this look up or down. Add a scarf or a chunky necklace, pair it with some ripped jeans and booties, so many possibilities! And if you’re wondering, this beanie is again, from Cracker Barrel but you can seriously purchase them anywhere! I recently saw quite a few in the dollar spot at Target – go get yourself one!

What’s your favorite winter accessory or outfit?! I need to know in the comments! After all, Black Friday is tomorrow and you bet I’ll be out and about shopping till I drop!


25 Things To Remind Yourself Of Today

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from others on how I maintain a good mood. And I used to really laugh at someone saying that to me because most of the time, I’m not in a so-called “good mood”. I just act like it. When I say the word “act” though, I don’t mean fake. I mean I choose to be happy. I choose to not show weakness and I choose to make an effort in even the worst situations. Does that make any sense at all?!

Anyways, in today’s blog post I wanted to share some of the morning affirmations I recite to myself on a somewhat daily basis. These words give me a reason to get up in the morning and inspire me to be a better person. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!

I am beautiful.

I have potential.

I am going to reach my goals.

I will make today a good day.

I am in control of my destiny.

I choose who I surround myself with.

I am strong.

I am okay with not having all the answers.

I will keep an open-mind.

I will not tolerate anything less than my best.

I value my self worth.

I choose to love others for who they are, not what I want them to be.

I am valuable.

I deserve it.

Today is a fresh start.

I believe in myself.

I am sassy af.

It’s time to let go of unnecessary baggage.

I will inspire someone today.

I will not let the judgements of others extinguish my outlook on life.

Problems are learning opportunities.

It’s okay to not be okay.

I am authentic.

I will be successful.

Today is the day.