How I Keep My House Clean

I love to clean but sometimes it can be overwhelming when things get out-of-place all too often. If you let your space go for too long or ignore areas of concern, things can no doubt build up!  Cleanliness and tidying up every once in a while can help keep your personal areas under control and in addition, lower your stress levels. In this blog post, I wanted to explain the different ways I’ve been able to keep my home organized, de-cluttered, and dirt free with the help of some simple daily tasks + tips!

Tip #1: Put Your Stuff Away After Your Done

The easiest tip I could give you is to simply put your things away after you’re finished. As children we had always been asked to clean up after ourselves when we were done playing or eating, anything really. So, why have many adults forgotten this unspoken rule of thumb? Put away your unwanted items immediately after you’re done with them to avoid leaving them somewhere later or forgetting!

Tip #2: Find A Place For Everything

I never thought organization was important until I genuinely moved into a house. The last couple months have been a struggle unpacking boxes and figuring out where everything belongs. I had been going back and forth for a while debating on what types of organizational items I thought would be best for what I had.

At first, I tried big plastic bins from Wal-Mart that ended up being a huge fail due to uneasy access. I then tried some cute wicker baskets, which worked for a bit until the things inside them got destroyed (unfortunately my pooches love to chew on these). Ultimately, I found a ton of minimalist styled, pull out drawer, storage units at IKEA for less than what I was paying at other big box stores. They were medium in size and could fit lot’s of items in them. After purchasing these, I realized the beauty of pull out drawers and that’s pretty much all I’ve used to organize since. It was a huge relief to find something that could finally work!

Whichever organizational route you decide to go, make sure it’s something you will sincerely use. Creating a place for everything doesn’t always mean having the best and newest pieces of de-clutter equipment. If you can’t afford to purchase new structures, get creative. Start working with what you have and clearing spaces you don’t use to make room for items that may need placing.

Tip #3: Rely On Strong Cleaning Products

I don’t consider anything actually clean until I’ve wiped it down. Assure your spaces are staying the way you want them by frequently getting in the deep areas.

About 3 times a week, I’ll walk around my home with a rag and a Lysol wipe just to make sure nothing gets too messy looking. Using rip-off wipes makes the tidying up even easier. They’re small and disposable which keeps the clean up process simple.

Another great product I like to use is the comet powder cleaner. I use bleach when rooms need some extra TLC but the smell is just too much for me to handle. That’s why I always gravitate towards using Comet instead. Comet still contains bleach but doesn’t carry the harsh odor other cleaners might have. It’s also nice that the cleaner is colored and gets slightly bubbly during scrubbing. The blue color makes me aware of what areas I’m cleaning and which ones I’m not. The bulk of this product is used in my bathroom and kitchen making for not one, but two squeaky clean spaces!

Tip #4: Play Music

If I’m working around the house there’s a 100% chance that I’ve got my music on full blast. Hearing something going in the background while I clean really boosts up my motivation. The best way to do this is by making a “cleaning” playlist to help get you through. Listening to your favorite jams gets good vibes going and will always make the time go by faster.

Tip #5: Light Candles And Use Air Freshener

After I’m finished with my tasks I’ll typically bask in the glory by lighting a candle or spraying some air freshener. There’s no serious purpose to doing this except for the smell. It’s like putting the cherry on top of your sundae! Your room, apartment, or home will smell great and inviting for guests! 



LUSH Must-Haves 

LUSH products are not just a step above many other body care brands on the market, they’re designed to make improvements! If you walk into a LUSH store you’ll notice how kind and informative their employees are. They’ll assist you from start to finish in finding the perfect blend of body goodies just for you. A majority of their packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic, created with natural ingredients, and cruelty free. Did I mention everything smells amazing?!

In this post, I wanted to introduce you all to my favorite LUSH products and how they’ve helped me. If you’ve never been to LUSH or are eager to start trying their products, I’ll leave links below for you to check them out!

Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo

My hair has always been very dry. Mainly because I’ve done a lot of damage to it. I blow dry, straighten, and curl my hair throughout the week. There’s no denying the styling has been hard for my hair to handle and I’ve gotten a ton of breakage recently! I wanted to find a product that could fix this.

I’m happy to report, the Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo solves all my problems. This shampoo moisturizes, softens, and brings life back to my hair. Oh, and can you guess the main ingredient? Honey of course! LUSH describes the ingredient as, “…a humectant which means it attracts and retains moisture on our skin and hair”.

American Cream Conditioner

This dreamy conditioner is introduced as a vanilla-strawberry scent but in my opinion smells more like fresh baby powder. The main ingredients in this concoction include fresh strawberries, oranges, and honey water.

It took some time for me to grow on this product because of how thick the consistency is. I’m familiar with hair care products that feel more slimy and watered down. American Cream is the exact opposite. When I use this product in the shower, I feel refreshed and my hair comes out being manageable. It’s just a different feeling compared to other products that I’ve used.

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving

This is one of my favorite classic LUSH products. Ocean salt is a finely textured face and body scrub. I love this product because it’s gentle yet effective. The tiny grains of salt give you the perfect scrub down wherever you need all while still being considerate of sensitive areas. Keep in mind this product is vegan and is free of synthetic preservatives too. Woo hoo!

Mask Of Magnaminty

Say hello to the most refreshing face mask you’ll ever find. Again, this is one of those LUSH products known for being sensitive on the skin. The mask is smooth to put on and non abrasive in texture. The minty, tingling, cooling sensation you get during use stays true to the name of this mask (peppermint oil is one of the main ingredients).

Cup O’ Coffee

Another great face and body mask I thought I’d share my thoughts on! I saw this in stores and couldn’t reach for it quicker. I’m a coffee addict, no doubt. So, I was intrigued when introduced to this product. Coffee grounds make this mask a thick treat for your face and scrubs away dryness leaving a glowing canvas. I love to pamper myself with this mask while taking a relaxing morning bath. It really has a way of waking you up!

Sharing Our Engagement Photos 

Earlier in the Fall, my fiancé and I had professional photos done for our engagement. We rarely get our photo taken together and when we do, it’s definitely not staged or planned. I was nervous going into this shoot as I knew we would be in front of someone we’ve never met, in a not so familiar setting, taking pictures of something that still felt so new to us.

None the less, doing this album and capturing these moments makes all those other things seem minuscule. Our photographer was kind and patient. She made us feel ourselves. My expectations were low before the shoot but wrapping everything up, I couldn’t have been anymore excited to see the images!

About a month later, we finally got our photos back and I thought I’d share a few of them with all of you. Let me know what you think!