My Guide To Instagram 

Throughout my Insta lifetime, I’ve had the chance to test out multiple editing apps, filters, and themes making me well diversed in that department. Not only is it fun to shoot the photos I post, it’s even more fun to watch them come to life through the editing process. In this guide, I’d like to discuss some of my favorite ways I use Instagram and also give you a sense of how I edit my photos. 


I know many people who rely on VSCO to be more of a blog spot than an editing space but for me, it’s strictly used for tweaking my photos. The filters are subtle and not as harsh as the ones Instagram provides on their app. My favorite to use lately has been A6. The filter gives my photos a natural glow and brightens or darkens the picture when necessary.

One of my most-liked things about VSCO is that there are so many features. The multiple options allows the app to be flexible making it a one stop shop for everything a beginning Instagrammer might need (sharpening, contrast, brightness, etc). If you’re the type of person who likes to keep a consistent looking feed but hates putting in too much effort then this app is the one for you. 

Typically, after I’ve selected my chosen filter, I stop there. In the past I would tend to over edit my pictures and the quality would suffer because of that. Now, I save my photo after applying one filter in VSCO and drag it to the next app I’m going to talk about. 

Face Tune

Face Tune has always been known for the app that removes blemishes, whitens teeth, and corrects the skin saturation. But for me, face tune is used for blurring out backgrounds, defocusing on imperfect flat lay images, and smoothing out things I don’t want people to see. If anything this apps purpose (for me at least) has been more for object editing than people editing. This app puts on the finishing touches I need to complete a post. Some of my most used tools have been the “smooth”, “defocus”, and “details” sections. 

Taking Advantage Of The Instagram App

Due to the many apps available to individuals in this market, users often forget how great Instagram’s own app is for improving posts. The best part? They’re completely FREE. 

The Instagram options give the editor tons of control with the photo. The slide bar design that pops up when you click on an area such as “sharpness”, will allow the user to scroll from left to right, making the image as detailed or not detailed as desired. These features are also very easy to navigate through. I’d recommend using this method more than the tools from the VSCO app. 

What’s My Theme? 

I get asked all the time what my theme is for my feed. I’ve gone through many stages on Insta from looks that were more dark or warm to others which were focused on blue tones and colors. Lately, I’ve been loving a steady neutral series of photos. It’s cool to see a vision come to life through pictures that will not only represent my life, but stay consistent with my color scheme.

Use Your IPhone

I think a lot of the Instagram community believes you need a professional camera to take quality photos. However, that’s just not true. I’d challenge others to use their phones to take photos because it’s the best tool you probably own. Specifically, IPhone cameras I know for a fact produce some good content. A majority of my pictures on Instagram are taken on my phone. 

Tip: Point your IPhone camera at the object you’re trying to shoot. Then, take your finger and hold down on the area that you’ve chosen to focus on. The camera will automatically lock in on your exposure settings as well as detail, making the image look clean and clear. 

Get Fit With Me

Good morning friends! These last few days have been hectic. In the midst of packing for vacation and sorting out work issues, I’ve neglected my body. Not going to lie, I’ve eaten like absolute crap all week long. Bouncing back and forth between Chicago style hot dogs, left over Christmas chocolates, and lean cuisines. My mind and body are lacking.

Getting back on track with your health goals after a holiday can be difficult. No doubt, it’s become a struggle to get back into the swing of things. So, in an effort to give myself the motivation I need, I thought I’d share some of my go-to fitness and health tips with all of you.

I’m not in any way, shape, or form stating I’m a nutritionist or personal trainer. I just thought some of these things could help one of you on your journey to a happy and healthier lifestyle. At the very least, I hope this post gives you the little push you need to get off the couch, set dow
n the chips, and get active.

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Tip #1: 15 Minutes of Physical Activity

A great way to make small strides towards an active lifestyle is making time for a quick 15 minute workout. This could be as simple as jumping jacks, walking the dog, or speed cleaning. The bottom line, you’re making an effort and that in itself is important to recognize.

Tip #2: Snacking on fruits and veggies

It’s so easy to grab a fruit or vegetable in the morning to take on your way out the door. Most, are effortless to prep and filling for your apatite. Some of my favorites are carrots and ranch dressing, sliced apples, mandarin oranges, and small berries (add a few peanuts and raisins for a simple snack that keeps you going).

Tip #3: Make Playlists

A good song set up can change my bad attitude to a good one instantly. Try creating your own workout or relax playlist on Spotify. Lean towards songs and albums that make you feel motivated, empowered, and positive. It helps, trust me.

Tip #4: Walk or Run

Surprisingly, running has been my favorite exercise lately. It’s become so easy to hop on the treadmill and lose track of time. I throw on some of my favorite music and get into it. Before I know it, I’m running miles. If you’re looking for a way to burn calories and fat without the uncomfortable feeling running might give you, try walking. Set a timer and walk until it’s up. The time will fly by.

Tip #5: Drink Water

The easiest way to look good and feel good is making sure your body is hydrated. I’ve always struggled with this, until recently. Try swapping out your cups of coffee everyday with water bottles. Always having one with you makes it super convenient to reach for instead of something else. I’ve even found that the larger bottles inspire me to drink more rather than less. Swell bottles are great for this (keeps your drink nice and cold all day long). If you’re looking for a less expensive option, Smart Water bottles are large and reusable.