LUSH Must-Haves 

LUSH products are not just a step above many other body care brands on the market, they’re designed to make improvements! If you walk into a LUSH store you’ll notice how kind and informative their employees are. They’ll assist you from start to finish in finding the perfect blend of body goodies just for you. A majority of their packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic, created with natural ingredients, and cruelty free. Did I mention everything smells amazing?!

In this post, I wanted to introduce you all to my favorite LUSH products and how they’ve helped me. If you’ve never been to LUSH or are eager to start trying their products, I’ll leave links below for you to check them out!

Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo

My hair has always been very dry. Mainly because I’ve done a lot of damage to it. I blow dry, straighten, and curl my hair throughout the week. There’s no denying the styling has been hard for my hair to handle and I’ve gotten a ton of breakage recently! I wanted to find a product that could fix this.

I’m happy to report, the Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo solves all my problems. This shampoo moisturizes, softens, and brings life back to my hair. Oh, and can you guess the main ingredient? Honey of course! LUSH describes the ingredient as, “…a humectant which means it attracts and retains moisture on our skin and hair”.

American Cream Conditioner

This dreamy conditioner is introduced as a vanilla-strawberry scent but in my opinion smells more like fresh baby powder. The main ingredients in this concoction include fresh strawberries, oranges, and honey water.

It took some time for me to grow on this product because of how thick the consistency is. I’m familiar with hair care products that feel more slimy and watered down. American Cream is the exact opposite. When I use this product in the shower, I feel refreshed and my hair comes out being manageable. It’s just a different feeling compared to other products that I’ve used.

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving

This is one of my favorite classic LUSH products. Ocean salt is a finely textured face and body scrub. I love this product because it’s gentle yet effective. The tiny grains of salt give you the perfect scrub down wherever you need all while still being considerate of sensitive areas. Keep in mind this product is vegan and is free of synthetic preservatives too. Woo hoo!

Mask Of Magnaminty

Say hello to the most refreshing face mask you’ll ever find. Again, this is one of those LUSH products known for being sensitive on the skin. The mask is smooth to put on and non abrasive in texture. The minty, tingling, cooling sensation you get during use stays true to the name of this mask (peppermint oil is one of the main ingredients).

Cup O’ Coffee

Another great face and body mask I thought I’d share my thoughts on! I saw this in stores and couldn’t reach for it quicker. I’m a coffee addict, no doubt. So, I was intrigued when introduced to this product. Coffee grounds make this mask a thick treat for your face and scrubs away dryness leaving a glowing canvas. I love to pamper myself with this mask while taking a relaxing morning bath. It really has a way of waking you up!

Instagrammers I Love 

I’ve really taken an interest in finding inspiration on different social platforms, Instagram being a big one. My taste has a tendency of being clean cut, modern, neutral, bright, and fun. Lately, I’ve noticed these trends come up a ton on the popular page section and in turn I’ve discoverd a handful of new feeds to follow! Below, I’ve put together a few of my favorite Instagrammers who inspire me to get creative. Who’s your favorite?! 


Joelle’s feed is stunning. I’ve grown an attraction to taking more outdoorsy type photos but where I live, there’s not much to capture. I love this account particularly because it highlights different parts of the world that I don’t get to experience. Joelle and her photos radiate positivity-full of mountainous views and the wilderness around her.


Home decor is becoming my therapy. I’ve been obsessing over redecorating every aspect of my home with the help of Pinterest and this account. The spread of pictures features a variety of areas in homes, each designed uniquely to ones taste. Each photo posted has its own style and vibe. This feed gives me so many ideas for my own #homegoals.


My whole aesthetic in one place. Sara’s feed makes me feel like I’ve stepped right into a perfect little world. I love bright whites and shady darks, but I’m also just as in love with greenery and natural looks. You get a little taste of all that on her account. In addition, I’m beyond impressed with how smooth her photos flow together-some up close and others not. The movement in shots make a good contrast for a viewers eye. Everything shared seems to have a carefree energy and I’m totally digging it.


If you’ve ever thought about quitting your day job to travel the country, this Instagram account is the one for you. I’ve never wanted to drop everything so bad until I found this feed. The photos are reposted from many travelers who’ve had the guts to go some of the most beautiful places in the world. Landscapes, campfires, and man’s best friend suit up in campers and SUV’s to take the road less traveled. Man, do I wish I this was my only priority.

My Go-To Shows On Hulu & Netflix 

These last couple weeks I’ve definitely had more than a few chill days and the gloomy weather Illinois has been having isn’t helping. Fortunately, I’m not complaining because I’ve been able to catch up on all my favorite shows. Listed below are a few of the best (in my opinion) shows to binge watch on Netflix & Hulu. 


This is a recent pick of mine. After hearing so much hype about this show, I finally decided to tune in. 

The episodes highlight the tribulations and hardships of a family full of kids placed in the city of Chicago. This bunch is anything but normal. The ring leader and eldest sister Fiona, tries her best to keep things under control within her family’s hectic lifestyle. Despite the siblings unfortunate living circumstances and a drunk as a father, they always find a way to stick together. 

There’s quite a few seasons available to watch making it the perfect show for a cozy Sunday indoors. 

Law & Order: SVU 

One of my absolute favorites. I am so invested in this show all of you have no idea..

If you didn’t already know, the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit works to solve crimes involving sexual assault, children, the elderly, and more in some cases. The television drama depicts a particular area of the police department most don’t see. Although the stories are stated to be NOT relevant to factual events, the cases presented often carry similarities to real life investigations detectives would solve. 

Everything about this show is eary, interesting, and surprising ideal for any super sleuth. 


Have you ever wondered what the world might have been like if someone you admired never passed away? How about a president of the United States? 

Join James Franco in an urgent race to the past to determine the fate of the future. Following the assasination of late president John F. Kennedy, this show will leave you on the edge of your seat. 

FYI this series is based on the bestselling book written by Stephen King. So, it has to be good right? 

The OA

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and the undiscovered then you’ll love, love, love The OA. Without getting into too much detail, the episodes unravel a woman’s story stemming from her near death experience as a child. It’s captivating, heart breaking, and unusual-most importantly it’s fresh and a storyline other shows haven’t exactly explored. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, the plot takes a turn. 

Bates Motel

This one of a kind masterpiece is unfortunately coming to an end. The final installment premiered on A&E a few months back but luckily all seasons will resurrect on Netflix mid January for your enjoyment. 

A mother and son duo who sadly have more bad days than good ones, try to juggle their perculiar lifestyles amidst running a motel. Follow the team, friends and foes throughout the episodes while they attempt to uncover secrets, lies, and betrayal.