Kindness Is Not Weakness

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I often get a label called “overly nice”. Huh?! Does anyone else ever get this and just think, “is it possible to be too nice”? I agree, there are certain situations and scenarios where “niceness” should go right out the freaking window but…on a daily basis? Is it wrong to be too kind?

“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you”

I learned a long time ago that smiling, encouraging, and uplifting others makes a difference. You never know what another person is going through or what hardships they could be facing. As cliche as it may sound, a kind gesture or comment can go a long way. A very long way.

shoes in bakery downtown Illinois grayslake cacao sweets and treats food cupcakes

But what some don’t understand is that kindness is not weakness. A person that is kind shouldn’t be walked over. They shouldn’t be overlooked, ignored, or deemed too fragile. If anything, being a good person…a nice person…makes me feel inspired and motivated. I feel more confident and more willing to engage with others. I communicate well with my coworkers and love to meet new people. Being nice, gives me this glowing belief that I made an impact. If I can change the direction of one person’s bad day, than that is proof I am living a life with purpose.

“The world is filled with nice people, if you can’t find one be one”

So next time you are having a bad day, appreciate the people who are trying to make it better and spread good vibes even when you’re not feeling them. Things will get better, life will go on, and tomorrow is a bright new day! What you put into the universe is sure to come back around.

What’s In Our Easter Baskets 2018

Let me just start by saying, Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying the day as much as I am. So far, it’s been full of laughs, good food, and family course!

This year, I chose to do something a little special for my husband and our pups. I went all out and got each of them their own Easter basket filled with goodies! Here’s what was inside!

My husband’s basket included: a blender bottle, huggable hangers for his work ties, an air freshener for his new car, a 10 pack of new socks (essentials ya know), scratch off lotto tickets, and a bottle of his favorite wine (19 crimes).

My guy isn’t very big on sweets or candy so I tried to find alternatives and things I knew he was in need of! I was able to find almost everything from Target for a super affordable price. Some of the stuff was even on clearance! Overall, I think his basket turned out pretty good! With a cost of less than $50!

As for the doggos, each little baby got a small basket with toys and treats I’ve been eying for them lately! We have a female corgi and a male pug mix so it was important I color coordinated! Do I sound like a crazy dog mom yet?!

Peach, our corgi, received: a pizza plush squeaker, a rubber blue and yellow bone, one purple and green rope, and a peanut butter chewy.

Needless to say, she loved everything that was in there!

Po, our pug mix, received: an avocado plush squeaker, KONG brand tennis balls, a blue and yellow rubber bone, and a beef flavored chewy.

This little fluff ball was too happy when he saw all his new stuff!

After the basket opening concluded, I let the puppies go on an “Easter egg hunt”. Each plastic egg hid a treat inside. Which, to my surprise, the dogs were actually capable of opening on their own! It was cute watching them run around the house to find these! How did you spend your Easter?!

Chicago Eats – Cafe Robey

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Cafe Robey in the Wicker Park area. Located on the corner of North Milwaukee Ave and West North Ave, this spot is a place you won’t forget about.

cafe robes in chicago

Modern American cuisine with a twist is how I’d describe this gem. My first indulgence was the avocado toast with added egg. You can also add crab meat for an additional charge. There had to have been at least two whole avocados on my toast. A thick layer was spread across + pickled red onions, chili flakes, and espelette oil. My mouth still waters about this.

menu at cafe robey in chicago with latte on the side downtown

cafe robey in downtown chicago menu

My husband ordered the Cuban sandwich. Which personally, I’m not usually a fan of but boy was this delicious – pork loin & shoulder, gruyère, avocado, red onion, mustard alongside some spiced potato chips. Again, didn’t think I’d enjoy a dish like this but surprisingly I couldn’t stop reaching over the table to sneak bites.

avocado toast and Cuban sandwich at cafe robey in downtown chicago

duck hash at cafe robey in downtown chicago

Lastly, the chef brought out duck hash (I’ve never had duck before so I was very eager to try). The meat was lean and flavorful, almost a melt-in-your-mouth type. The potatoes were seasoned perfectly – not too salty at all or overdone. I think the egg atop everything too made this menu item THAT much better.

Cuban sandwich and avocado toast in downtown chicago at cafe robey

inside cafe robey in downtown chicago

latte at cafe robey in downtown chicago

Overall, this place was a total win and I’ll definitely be visiting again. The atmosphere, the people, and the menu has me head-over-heels. Cheers to brunch lovers!