Law Of Attraction: How It’s Changed My Life

Hi all!

Within this past year, my life has done a complete 180. I am definitely a different person than I was before, living a different life, and being the best me I can be. I’m almost 99% positive I owe this new-found change to The Law Of Attraction. Some of you might be asking, “What is The Law Of Attraction”? Well, If you aren’t familiar with this term I can explain a little!

The Law Of Attraction to me, is the idea that we can attract the things we want in life through attitude, mindset, and goals. Examples of this could be anything from a promotion at work, getting the new car you wanted, or even efforts towards a healthier lifestyle. Health, wealth, and happiness are just a handful of things this method of living can bring you. Because I’ve had so much success with this, I thought I’d share my biggest tips in turning your days around for the better. With that said, let’s get into it!

Finding Our Desires 

A huge part of the Law Of Attraction is figuring out why we want a change. Is there a reason we are trying to make a difference in our life? We need to identify the problem before we can move onto fixing it. For myself, this was lack of motivation and the wanting to be my own boss!

I hated living a life where my work seemed forced. It made me unhappy and uninterested in getting up every morning. Some days it felt like there was no point! My personality started to spiral and I quickly knew I had to take action. A change needed to be made.


Visualizing what we want to achieve is key to a perfect path using manifestation. You have to really concentrate on what you want your achievements to be and think about how you’re going to get there. I like to do this by setting my screen savers to inspirational quotes or of destinations I would someday like to visit. It’s a constant reminder that there are bigger things to look forward to.

Another way I visualize is by creating vision boards and keeping journals or planners. I take some time each day to regroup myself into believing that writing things down and seeing it on paper will catapult the real deal to happen.

There are hints the universe gives us each day that we either choose to pick up on or not. The truth, is that there are so many great opportunities out there waiting for us. Often times we’re just not in the right place, mentally or physically, to take them. Set aside any doubt, fear, or lack of motivation and force yourself to look for these hidden opportunities!

In my instance, my job search was going nowhere. I was getting call backs from companies but they were office jobs at places I wasn’t crazy about! I thought to myself, “If only I could create my own brand“. With that idea in mind, I chose to open my eyes to the resources around me and kickstart my dreams.

Take Action

It can be easy to quickly slip out of a good mood or get distracted. If we are not focused on the end result our minds will browse onto other, unimportant, things. What I sometimes find myself doing is trying so hard to make something perfect that I end up not doing it at all. The reality of it is that continuing to procrastinate or intentionally not doing things because they’re not perfect, will cause a bigger setback. Stop thinking about what it can’t be and start thinking about what it could be! Look ahead!

Now, I’m in full control of my own destiny. I don’t take things so seriously anymore and continue to live a life full of mistakes as well as accomplishments. I’ve also stopped worrying so much about my work being perfect and began concentrating more on doing my best! My blog, social platforms, and other aspects of my life have been transformed into something totally great due to this new change! I couldn’t be happier!

Have any of you had experience with the Law Of Attraction? If so, let me know in the comments or on my other social media! I’d love to hear how it’s changed your life!


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