The Lazy Girl Guide: Step Up Your Spring Outfits

Like I mentioned in my last post, Spring is here! I’m thinking we all already knew this though. Right or wrong? Wherever you live in the world, I hope this Spring season is treating you nicely. Here in Illinois, what I thought was going to be a few sunny months turned into a weather roller coaster. Our days have been full of rain in the morning, cloudy around noon, sunny by dinner time and freezing by night. It’s nuts!

Since we’ve had a select handful of really great 70 degree afternoons, I thought I’d touch-base on a few more easy ways to bump up your outfits. I know I spoke a little bit about this throughout my last couple posts, but hey…you can never have too many tips. Ya feel? These essentials have helped me run out the door faster, look nicer, and are so effortless I’m convinced you guys can pull them off too.

Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Nail Polish

Holy crap, this stuff is magical. I’m the type of person who the majority of the time has gotta have their nails painted. I just feel naked without a good coat on. My dilemma though is how quickly I go through a set. My gels tend to last a little over a week to two weeks. Even still, I need to go back and get them done again no matter what. That’s about $40 bucks out of my pocket each visit. $80 a month if the polish lasts the full two weeks! That’s so much extra money a person could have!

Recently, I started looking for another option. I tried my DIY gel nails at home. I even purchased the UV light and some pricey polishes. The whole thing turned into a huge disaster. The colors I chose stayed on so long that by the time I was ready for them to come off, it took 45 minutes of soaking in acetone to do so. It was miserable and I quickly went back to square one.

This is where Sally Hansen comes in! I browsed the aisles at Target and found the brand. They promised a long-lasting nail look and was under $6 bucks. How could I say no? That’s not even the best part. Once I applied the color, I let it dry fully and went on with my day. I was amazed to find that the polish wasn’t chipping, it wasn’t sticky, and it seemed to be holding up through my errands!

Here’s a small tip for you all, the product works best when only two coats are applied! Applying a clear seal to the nails will make the polish more vulnerable to conditions. At least that’s what I’ve noticed! Regardless, I continue to use this on the daily. It’s quick and extremely easy!

Silver And Gold

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Without it, the look may seem incomplete. Too much, can come off as gaudy. Here’s what I do: light jewelry but accessorizing with pieces I love. For me, this includes my engagement + wedding ring, stud earrings, and maybe a dainty necklace. I like to show off what matters most. Memories, love, and style.

One of my favorites have been these porcelain earrings from ASH. They’re the perfect size so they don’t aggravate my ears (I always have issues with this). The fit is out of this world comfortable because the secure backs are larger than regular studs. They’re not irritating and handmade! Check out all the other great pieces on ASH’s website! So in love with them!

Tunics, Tunics, Tunics + Big T’s

One word…simple. Nothing says, “I want to be poppin on a Friday night but still be able to fall asleep afterwards” than a tunic. I purchased a ton of them recently and just can’t get enough. The idea of being completely comfortable while running around makes me so happy. These are so affordable too and can be found virtually anywhere. If a blouse style isn’t your first choice, try grabbing an over-sized t-shirt! If it’s really big, tie a knot on one side! Throw on a pair of leggings, vans or converse, and you’re ready to roll!


My last wardrobe tip for lazy ladies are pins! I’ve always carried around a plain black bag. I’m not a pattern person at all and would rather have neutral tones. However, that’s not to say a girl doesn’t want an accessory to stand-out every once in a while. That’s where these guys come in! I love to add them to my bag strap for a more edgy vibe. It shows my personality without being too overwhelming.

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