What I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Blogger

Hi everyone! I hope your day is going well. Today, I wanted to focus on something that’s been on my topic list for a while. I’ve been holding this off for quite sometime, debating whether or not this would be something I’d like to talk about on the internet and to all of my followers. After lot’s of consideration and thought, I decided to write a few paragraphs today about the top things I’ve learned since becoming a blogger! 

I’d also like to touch on some of the mistakes I’ve made thus far, where I’m planning to go in the future, and my biggest inspirations for starting a blog in the first place. I’m hoping this post will give some of you insight on what it’s like to be a blogger and if this may be the avenue for you! Let’s get into it!

Not Everything Will Be Perfect

Going into blogging, I was under the impression that things were going to go smooth for me. Hundreds of views, comments, and shares the moment I made my blog live. Right? Boy was I wrong. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. 

Since diving into the blog world, it’s taken me three months and a ton of hard work to become content with my writing style, design, and views. To add, all of those things are still in the process of changing dramatically and there’s never been a day where things have gone as planned. The harsh reality of starting a blog was that it wasn’t going to be easy and definitely not perfect. 

Views Shouldn’t Matter If You’re Enjoying Blogging

Despite wanting people to read what I was writing, I knew I loved to create things and had fun doing it. ChiGoalDigger.com came to life because I wanted an outlet for anything I couldn’t necessarily post on other social sites. It was never always about the views and became my full-time hobby. Now, seeing what I have built and where it can go from here, I’m focusing more on growing as a brand.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Images

This was something I struggled with when I first started this site. I like to think I’m pretty good at taking pictures for Instagram but I didn’t know if I’d be able to put out the same energy and time towards doing shoots for just the blog. It became time-consuming to capture specific photos of things for the sake of one blog post. That’s when I discovered stock images.

Stock images are royalty-free and allow you to attach them to your blog without getting in trouble from a third-party brand, individual, or company. Two of my favorite sources for this are Unsplash and Pexels. Since using these, I’ve been able to make my site appear substantially more cohesive. Everything pops and looks professional (in my opinion).

In the future, I plan to stop using stock images. I don’t necessarily use them for everything but right now I just wouldn’t have the time to shoot my own pics for the multiple things I cover on here. One day though. 


Pinterest has recently become such a large part of my growth plan. It’s bringing more attention to my blog and is easily accessible at the bottom of each post. From there, viewers can pin the post on their boards and share with others. I’ve been super into creating my own boards on Pinterest. Each board I make I always try to incorporate one of my created blog posts. My hope is that Pinterest will assist me in finding a larger reach in the future towards a bigger audience.

Canva And Setting A Featured Photo

A photo at the top of each post I publish appears with a little summary on what the post might be about. It’s pretty much the first thing a viewer is going to see on your post next to, below, or above a title. This has truly made a difference in the way my posts are seen. Canva is to thank for that. 

Canva is an editing app that helps businesses, bloggers, and creators of all kind make awesome visuals for whatever they may need. This expands to users of all platforms too. Best part, it’s completely free of charge to play with. Some added features can cost you but you’re able to opt out and recreate if you’re uninterested.

Pay Attention To Trends

Okay, so the last and one of the most important things I’ve learned from blogging is to follow the trends. When I say this though, I say it lightly. What I mean is that you should be aware of what is working around you and try your best to put your own spin on it! What I’m not saying is to do everything the way another person is doing it. Make whatever it is unique to your taste or start your own trend and see where it leads. 

I remember starting my blog and being clueless about what was trending versus what wasn’t. It boosted my traffic substantially once I knew the things my audience was interested in. Know your viewers and make it clear the people you’re trying to reach. 

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