Foods I’ve Been Loving

Hi guys! In today’s post I wanted to highlight some of the foods I’ve Been absolutely obsessed with lately. The majority of these options are quick, simple, and so tasty! I knew I had to share them with all of you to enjoy with me! What’s been your favorite snack?

Stiggi’s Yogurt 

This non fat, low-calorie, protein packed snack has been my fuel every morning. Not only does it fill you up, it also tastes amazing! My two favorite flavors have been Vanilla Bean and Spiced Pear. These go real nicely with chopped strawberries, sliced bananas, blueberries, a little honey or agave, and crumbled nuts. Give it a try when you’re on the go and want something a little different!


Continuing on with breakfast foods, I’ve really been obsessed with Einstein! A majority of their bagels are fluffy and light which I love. It can be difficult to find good bagels that aren’t too doughy or thick. These are just right. My must-have order has been a honey whole wheat with veggie shmear. But honestly, everything on their menu is so delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Lean Cuisines

Recently, I’ve been trying to branch out by finding new ways to cook at home and make meals for myself without doing anything fancy. Some nights I don’t have any left over energy from my work day to take the time and prepare something. With that said, Lean Cuisine has been my life saver and it’s becoming super easy to stay balanced with my food choices!

I’m not saying this should be an everyday option. But LC’s have really stepped up their game. Most of their meals are filled with key nutrients everyone needs in their diet. The entrees are light yet full of flavor. My recent favorites have been the sweet potato mash with turkey and stuffing, white cheddar mac and cheese, butternut squash ravioli with veggies, and all of their single serve pizzas.


I’m definitely evolving into a fruit and veggie addict. Specifically snap peas, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, and raspberries have been a daily part of my diet. These are great to throw on top of a salad or eat sliced. Another way I like to eat these little guys are through the blender! I’ve taken ingredients like kale, frozen fruit, and a little almond milk to create one delicious smoothie or bowl. It’s quick, easy, and tastes good.

Avocado Toast 

The holy grail of all breakfast foods. You can never go wrong with some avocado toast. I’ve been expanding my toast taste buds to the limit lately and have been loving throwing things on top of my breakfast. To really make the flavor pop, try experimenting with different varieties of bread. Multi-grain is perfect for this! I also like to top mine with a little garlic salt, pepper, hot sauce, sliced cherry tomatoes, and an egg. This simple breakfast turns into so much more once you add extra ingredients.

Wraps And Roll-Ups

Pinterest is to thank for this newly discovered obsession of mine. I found some recipes recently for chicken, turkey, or veggie wraps and thought I’d try them out for myself. It’s so much less expensive to make wraps at home rather than buying pre-made ones from the store. I’m saving money and I’m able to customize what I’d like to go in them! 

Roll-up snacks are just as great! One of my favorites have been sliced fruit with Nutella or peanut butter. You lay your chosen spread base down, add fruit, and roll. From there, you can choose to take it on the go or cut it into bite sized pieces like a sushi roll! So easy, so cute, so different and fun to eat! 

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