Inexpensive Date Ideas For Spring

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! In today’s blog post I thought I’d start by introducing a few ideas for Spring date days! The weather is starting to change, the birds are chirping, and summer is on it’s way. During these cooler sunny days, I love to spend a lot of time outdoors and experiencing the things around me. Below, I’ve listed five different date ideas perfect for friends or partners! Give it a read and share with me your upcoming date plans! 

Farmers Market 

Exploring these last couple of weeks has reminded me how great it is to support local farms, vendors, and creators. Farmer’s markets and little shopping areas showcase the people in your area who work extremely hard for a living and make amazing things. Enjoy that fun atmosphere with the one you love during the Spring time. Many of these markets will be opening up fully for the season. Live music, great food, fresh flowers, and hand made products can’t get much better than that!

Baseball Game

Baseball season is right around the corner! Personally, I really dislike watching the games on television. However, going to the field and experiencing everything in person gets me so excited! Check out your cities major or minor league team tickets. Typically, they’re not very expensive and a lot of fun!

Mini Golf

Inexpensive and easy to play! You don’t have to be great at golf to play a round. Look into your nearest mini golf place for specific pricing and information. Most of the courses are located outside which could make for an awesome Spring day if the weather allows! Afterwards, go grab a cup of froyo to complete the day out! Super fun and easy! 

Outdoor Lunch

Where I live, there are a bunch of food places with outdoor eating. Take advantage of the Spring weather by enjoying a lunch or breakfast outside. You could even do something as simple as grabbing a coffee at Starbucks and choose to sit in their outside area. Another really inexpensive option that would be perfect for a sunny day.

Hiking, Kayaking, Being Outside

Some of my favorite Spring and Summer activities consist of working out. Being active during one of the best times of the year is so enjoyable. Research your nearest trails or hiking areas where you can just walk, run, and soak in all the nature. 

Same thing goes for kayaking. If you’ve tried it, you know how great it is and how awesome you feel afterwards! If you haven’t tried kayaking, give it a shot! There’s classes out there with instructors ranging anywhere from $15 and up. Check your location and see what’s nearby. Last year, I was able to take a kayaking excursion highlighting a sunken ship in Door County, WI. It was super interesting to see something like that up close! You’re burning calories and getting fit with your friend or partner. Awesome date day for the adventure seekers!

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