5 Easy Ways To Be Kind

For some people, being a good person and spreading positivity comes at a high cost. People will say there’s no purpose in being a decent human being if others won’t return the favor. That’s just not the truth.

Spreading kindness doesn’t always mean you get something afterwards. The purpose is to (as cliché as it sounds) make the world a better place. Being negative and not being kind doesn’t make anything better in any situation. So today, I’ve put together a short list of things I feel everyone can do in order to throw some kindness into another person’s day without much effort.


Receiving a compliment on a bad day is always really nice to hear. So, give compliments to your loved ones and strangers just because! There’s no real reason behind this other than making someone else feel good about themselves. Compliment their hair, outfit, smile, attitude, anything really. It’s guaranteed to make a difference in someone else’s mood.

Saying Thank You 

Keep it simple and sweet by showing gratitude. Most of the time, others aren’t expecting a “Thank You” but it’s a phrase everyone likes to hear said. It’s a common courtesy gesture that I don’t think people use enough. So say it and say it like you mean it!


The people around you won’t be there forever so make sure to show love whenever you can. This can be done physically or emotionally and doesn’t cost you a dime. Say “I Love You” today to the individuals who matter most.


Lending an ear to someone can be the biggest act of kindness for a person in need. It shows that you care and are interested in hearing what they have to say. Good or bad, show support and be that shoulder to lean on. To show your listening show social cues like nodding your head and responding often. This can be more helpful than you think!

Give Your Time 

Giving your time and appreciation is also very effortless. Choose to spend your time with people who make you happy and people who need it the most. Try volunteering for your community or connect with new friends and old family members. Relating to what I said above, tomorrow is never promised and we’re not sure what the future can bring. Make everyday count and spread your positivity upon others.

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