Create Your Own Work Space

I’ve been holding off getting my own desk and office space for the longest time. It never felt necessary to me. What’s the point of sitting at a desk? Why can’t I just work from the couch? Let me tell you, I was missing out. Big time. While getting work done in a comfortable area is a must, it’s not everything. Before starting this project, I found slouching around on the sofa made me more unproductive. Because of this, I had slacked off on deadlines and activities I needed to get done, it just became so easy to get distracted! I wanted to make a change. So, I decided to create my very own work space.

In this post, I want to highlight some of the things I find helpful to have in an office as well as how I designed my own area. Everything I’ve put together was built on purpose, functionality, and getting myself motivated! I hope you find this helpful when creating your own little headquarters!

The Desk

Let’s start with a basic foundation, the desk. I would recommend visiting Pinterest or your favorite department store’s website first to find out what style desk you think will work for you. In the beginning of my search, I found quite a few furniture pieces I loved, but couldn’t purchase because they were too expensive! To solve this, I headed to IKEA. When I got there I found that the desk selections were large. There were so many to choose from all with similar characteristics of others I had seen online for $400+. There was virtually no difference in the way the pieces looked. I expected the materials were not going to be the best quality, but as a blogger, I knew I wouldn’t be beating the thing around.

Ultimately, I chose a clean look and went for a white desk with a spacious layout. I didn’t need too much storage for my things. The main tool I use at my desk is my laptop, which doesn’t take up much room.

I skipped out on purchasing a design with drawers. I figured if I needed more room I could buy separate pieces in the future! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a nice look friends! Try to stay as frugal as possible throughout a process like this.

Frames With Photos

I thought by creating my own space, I’d get lonely. It might sound silly but keeping photos of your loved ones at your side can make a huge impact on your productivity. I picked up some small gold frames from T.J. Maxx and stuck a few polaroid sized photos of my fiancé and dog in them. It goes with the overall theme of my area and in a weird way keeps me company! 

Another way you can keep yourself on track is swapping out photos for inspirational quotes. This will keep you working hard when you need a reason to keep going. I’ve used this same tactic in the past with my cell phone and desktop wallpapers, it helps me stay in the zone!

Plants are a great way for you to stay accountable. Before picking up my own, I never understood this. Think of it this way, when you’re responsible for something you try to take care of it right? By keeping a couple of plants by your window in your office or setting one next to your computer, you’re obligated to water the plant and take care of it each day. This tip is not only effective, it’s also just nice to see some greenery while you work!

The plants I picked up were fairly inexpensive. I got seven small succulents for under twenty dollars at IKEA and the pots were all under a dollar.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan out your days. It not only helps you stay organized, it also is a stress reliever. My planner is a tool I use to track down when my bills are due or when I need to be somewhere. I’ve recently tried to mix up my agenda layout by adding fun stickers, using colorful pens, and washy tape. You’ll always find this item at my desk.

A Clock

Another silly item that you might think wouldn’t come in handy. But, it does. I find having a clock at my desk keeps my attention on my work and away from my phone. I always find myself checking the time on my cell and then wandering off into another area like Instagram, Pinterest, you get what I mean. I purchased a super chic and inexpensive, white, plastic clock and placed it at the corner of my desk. Now, I’m able to easily look over and see the time without having to involve more electronics than need be. I’m already on my phone enough, I don’t need to be on it when I’m trying to be productive.

Desk Calendar

I didn’t realize how great these things were until I got one for my own work space. Aside from my planner, my desk calendar works as a larger visual to map out my days, weeks, and months. It’s obviously a lot larger and is just one more place I can store much-needed important information. I’d highly recommend scooping one of these up and copying your schedule down. Add to your desk calendar by using color coded post it notes on dates of extra importance like you would in your regular planner. Again, this is really just an oversized version of it anyways.

Now that you have all these little tips, it’s time to make your own creative space. Not everything I mentioned will work for you but try them and see what you like and what you don’t. Make a work space worth working in and don’t be afraid to make it your own. I hope these things gave you the small inspiration you needed to kick-start your way towards a more productive lifestyle. If you’d like to find more of these tips + tricks be sure to check out my social links below and tag me in your photos!

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